Sunday, 8 March 2015

MAC Lady Danger

MAC Lady Danger - on application
It was only recently that I started to wear lipstick - previously, I would have a gloss or a balm. I thought that I didn't suit proper lipstick; it was always too bright, or just not me.

Fast forward more years that I care to admit and I'm introduced to Bobbi Brown Party Pink... and I'm hooked!

I still hadn't worked my way up to red... until I met Lady Danger. This is a colour that will suit practically everyone - but is probably not for the faint hearted!

This was my first MAC lipstick, so I wasn't sure how things were gonna go. How long it should last, etc.

The Grand Unveiling

I do like the fact that the stick has a pointed tip - it's so much easier to apply straight from the stick than a flat-ended lipstick. 

The smell was pleasant - almost floral - and definitely not overpowering.

I have just taken my make up off to go to bed and, although quite faded, I'm more than happy with the 9 hours wear that I got out of it.

After 9 hours wear

If you have any questions/comments, please leave them below! :)

What: Mac Lady Danger Matt Lipstick
Where: MAC Concessions (Debenhams, House of Frazer, etc) and stand alone stores
How Much: £15.50

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