Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Does It Make Me Happy?

So... I've been a bit absent recently! Things were a leeeeeeeeetle bit mental for a while.

I originally started this blog as a way to record the new skincare/makeup items that I had tried, but I'm gonna add in a few different things as and when the notion takes me. Like now...

Late last year, when everyone else was coming up with their New Year's Resolutions, I was thinking about what I should do. I don't normally make resolutions - reason being that so many are broken within the first week... and if not that, then certainly within the first month! This year, however, was the year that I turned... *whisper it*... 30! With this in mind, I decided that I should do at least something that was different to my norm. This year, I decided that I wanted to be happy. Yup, that's it: there is no "I will go to the gym 5 x each week and eat only celery", which is ridiculous anyway... there is simply happiness.

The premise couldn't be simpler: before you do anything - and I do literally mean anything at all - just ask yourself... "does it make me happy?".

I started the year carrying a bit more weight that I liked and in a job that made me terribly unhappy. I'm happy to report that this has changed! I'm in a different job, that I enjoy, and I'm working hours that actually allow me to see my daughter - rather than anything between 6:30 and 21:30, over 7 days a week!

The weight has melted off, thanks to my local weight watchers meeting, and I'm having much more fun with clothes than ever before. I've also started ice skating - which I would never have done before!

Banana Pancakes, fruit and chocolate sauce

The above is something that I had for brunch this morning; banana pancakes. Wholesome - and very, very tasty! You mash up one banana, mix with an egg and then fry off. You could make some pancakes, but I made mine the size of my omelette pan. Yum¬

This simple little phrase has helped in other areas of my life too - if things in my home don't make me happy, then they go. This has had the result of streamlining my home and leaving me only with items that I love, which keeps the cycle going :)

So... why don't you give it a go, too? There's nothing to lose!

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