Thursday, 23 July 2015

How I Stay Organised

Hi All

In this post, I thought it would be fun (or not) to show you how I organise and plan to make my day run as smoothly as possible.

Basically, this whole spiel could be boiled down into a few words - Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance; However, do read on, if you will...

My days always start the night before. I know this sounds strange, but if I don't do this - for whatever reason (I'm tired and feel like I need to just go to bed, for example) - then I can pretty much guarantee that the next day, I'm going to be running around trying to work out who's wearing what, who will be eating what (and then prepping and packing it), when everyone needs to leave the house, and where they're going etc, etc... And if you start a day like that, just imagine how it's going to end!!

So, as you'll no doubt have worked out, routine and planning are my keys to having my morning run as smoothly as possible.

For the past few years of my working life, I was a manager working shifts. These could be anytime between 6:30 - 9:30 at night (and sometimes, I found myself finishing at 9:30pm and starting at 7am, which is insane - and also illegal). As a result, I was never able to establish a routine to the extent that I have now; However, the following pieces of information helped me immensely:

Choose/Lay clothing out the night before

This is especially important with my daughter. Choosing an outfit and getting it all ready for the next morning takes away any stress that might otherwise have happened. For myself, I needed necessarily pull the clothes out of my wardrobe, but they are planned in my head so I know what to grab. Obviously living in Scotland, this can change at any time but with everything organised and in it's own place, it's much easier to find what I need.

I am also working towards having a capsule wardrobe so that, no matter which item of clothing I want to wear, I will always have something to go with it.

I don't go as far as getting my makeup gathered together, but I do have my everyday routine which changes very little.

Plan your meals

Now, I know many of you may not have to deal with cooking meals and all the shopping and prep that goes with this, but don't write this paragraph off too soon; it can still be tailored to your lunches, for example.

Work out what you are going to eat this week, for as many meals as you need to. This could just be lunch, or it could be all three meals. Once you have this written down, look in your cupboards/fridge/freezer and see what you already have to work with. Some people do this the other way around so if that works for you, great. When you know what you've already got, then you can make your shopping list. A list has the added benefits of making shopping much quicker - and it can also save you some pennies. Win-win!

In the evening, I gather all lunch items (for example, homemade soup from the freezer; a bagel/sandwich; fruit; crudites and dip; boxed up noodle dishes) so that they're ready to go and in the morning, I defrost any meat that will be needed for that evening's meal.

Write it down

I'm just gonna put it out there that I am a stationery geek. Paperchase is my mecca - seriously, I could spend a fortune there everytime that I'm in!

I have a little notebook where I note down: my goals, so that they're always close to me; meal plans and shopping lists; things that I want (charlotte tilbury features on there a LOT. The makeup, not the lady... that would just be weird); and any other random little things that pop into my mind so that I don't forget them.

I like to keep a diary in my bag, as well as using the calendar app on my phone (which then syncs to my laptop and any other devices. You know the drill). My favourite diary was the one that my friends gave me for my birthday last year. It came from (not an affiliate) and I love it because it's totally customisable. And the in-joke message "child must update panel" that he put on it has me in stitches every time I read it.

Declutter your space

I also find that it's important to have a clean living space; if your room/house is one big untidy mess, then it's not exactly inspiring organisation.

Find a place for everything and put it back when you're done and if you don't love it, why give it room space?

I'm happy to report that as part of my whole 'happy' year, my job has changed and I'm a 9-5er. It makes a HUGE difference to being organised. But even if you don't have your ideal job/conditions, I hope these little ramblings help you as much as they did me :)

Linzi x

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