Monday, 27 July 2015


No, not the now-defunct tabloid, it's time for Nail of The Week!

These days, if you are at all interested in the whole hair/beauty/fashion industry, then you're probably going to either do your own nails, or have them done in a salon/nail bar.

Chances are, again, that if you are into having nice nails, you'll have some sort of gel/hybrid polish (unless you're a die-hard enhancement fan). Now, these are great because they give you two whole weeks (sometimes more, if you have awesome nails!) of unbeatable shine and perfection. A good manicure (pro or diy) is only slightly less powerful than a trip to the hairdressers in terms of making you feel ready to take on whatever comes your way - altogether now: "look at me, my hair is so freakin' fabulous, I'm practically bouncing along the road!" as you sashay out of the door and down the street.

However, in the same way that two weeks can be the best thing since sliced bread if you are a busy mum or are happy to commit to the same nails for 2 weeks (and who wouldn't be, seeing as they are gorgeous?!), it can also be a lifetime if you're one of those girls who loves to shake up a good mani and changes things on a regular basis. Two weeks can be a lifetime in the somewhat fickle world of fashion, dahling! Enter... CND Vinylux.

Normally, I wear CND Shellac because I love the wear that I get out of it, the designs that I can create are endless, and the shine is..... woooooooooow! Seriously, I can see myself in my nails! However, last night, I decided to ring in the changes (and also because between lifting and tinting my eyelashes, whitening my teeth and applying tan, I thought I had enough to deal with...) and apply some Vinylux instead.

Vinylux is a 2-step weekly polish, meaning that it requires no basecoat - the colour coat has little 'anchors' in it to provide adhesion to the nail and the pigments used are of a quality that if your nails are in good condition, you will get absolutely no staining what-so-ever (if your nails aren't in the best of shape, then you can apply a lighter colour of vinylux so as to have the same adhesion but without taking the chances of having stained nails) - and, again with good, strong, healthy nails, you should get one weeks worth of flawless wear. Which is totally unfair if you, like me, have pathetically weak little nails. Gah! However, I am happy to report that even I, of the pathetic nails, have successfully rocked Vinylux for a whopping FIVE DAYS - I barely get 24 hours from most traditional polishes!

CND Vinylux - Pretty Poison
The topcoat utilises the power of ambient light (no, not the Hourglass powder) to further harden over the course of the week. Now, while this is not how CND recommend to use their products (they were designed as part of a two-piece), I have successfully worn the Vinylux topcoat over other polishes and extended their wear (Chanel, I'm looking at you!) to a slightly more acceptable 2 days.

Vinylux should be applied to nails which have been prepped. Your CND technician will know how to do this, but if you are doing it at home you can push back your cuticles and scrub the nails with a cotton pad saturated with nail polish remover.

I am wearing CND Vinylux in the colour "Pretty Poison", which was freshly applied (over unprepared nails *slaps wrist*) last night. I will let you know how I get on. Pretty Poison is a deep green, shot through with a gold sparkle.

Linzi x

Disclaimer: I cannot be held responsible if you want to rush out and purchase a set. Also both of my middle fingernails have been peeling (because I'm very much do as I say, not as I do and haven't been using my oil. I have a feeling that my wrist will be quite sore in no time at all).

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