Monday, 3 August 2015

Oh My Goodness, You're SO Skinny!

Firstly, allow me to point out that I'm not! But sometime last week, something astonishing happened.

I stood up (that's not the astonishing bit... unless you're my fitbit friend; then perhaps you may be mildly bemused) and a lady, who has only ever seen me from the shoulders up, proclaimed "Oh my goodness! You're so skinny! How do you stay like that?" so I explained that I hadn't actually, 'cos I'd just lost quite a few pounds. Then she said the thing that all people who try to lose weight hear (and probably feel at times, depending on the 'diet' that you've chosen): "Don't you eat?!".

And, well, I do. Lots!

So I thought I'd do a little post of everything that I either have eaten, or plan to eat today. I'm following weight watchers because it gives me the control that I need whilst allowing me the flexibility to eat whatever I want/need. So, without further ado...

I have 26 points on ww, 5 of which I allocate to my milk before I do anything else.

Pre Breakfast

I can't eat a full on breakfast just after I wake up; I need a little time to "come to" before I start eating. Never-the-less, I still have a quick something - actually, I've just changed round the way most people have breakfast and then a mid-morning snack. Today, that something was a banana and a cup of tea at around 7ish. 0pp.


I generally like to wait till I've gotten to work and then I'll have my proper breakfast before I start. This was 100g 0% fat natural yoghurt and 20g porridge oats with some previously griddled fruit (nectarines) and some chopped macadamia nuts* on top. Healthy, filling and - probably most importantly - tasty! 3pp.


Last night, I prepped a tuna mayo and avocado salad with peashoots and I'll add in some cherry tomatoes at lunch time.  I'm actually drooling thinking about this - 12:30 cannot come quickly enough! 5pp.

The tuna consists of a tin of (130g drained weight) tuna in sunflower oil (if you have the choice, opt for the tuna in brine as this will save 2 points per can - or 1 per serving) 5pp, 1/4 large spanish onion 0pp and 50g lighter than light hellman's mayo 1pp. Total points 6pp, or 3pp per serving.

The 1/2 avocado was weighed on my ww scales at came in at around 45g for 2pp.


After letting my daughter decide, dinner tonight is butternut squash fritters (4pp) with 3 HECK Chicken Sausages (3pp), an egg (2p) and side salad. 9pp.


With 4pp left for the day, I can choose from a variety of things. Such as:
  • Options/Weightwatchers hot chocolate with a caramel wafer: 3pp (My favourites are the Options Orange and the Weightwatchers Black Cherry). I'll have this before bed, because I'm just so cool...
  • Metcalfe's Skinny Popcorn in Sweet Cinnamon: 3pp (LOVE!)
  • Griddled bananas with ambrosia low fat custard: 3pp (I'd try not to have too much fruit in a day. Yes, it's 0pp, but I'd rather fill up on veggies)
  • Jacob's Orange Club: 2pp
  • Baked banana with chocolate, spray cream and nuts: 2-3pp
I hope you find some of the above helpful - and rest assured that I definitely do eat :)

If you'd like to see some more ideas of what I eat, let me know and I'll put something else together. Oh! And I did take pictures, but I don't know where they went... :/

Linzi x

* N.B: I don't actually have some sort of macadamia/nut fetish... I just like them and happened to pick up a reduced bag (bonus) and don't want them going off, ha! Also, did you know... it's better to keep nuts in the fridge? It prevents the essential amino acids in them from going bad.

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