Thursday, 17 March 2016

It was the best of sprays, it was the worst of sprays

Welcome to the tale of two, very different, dry shampoos. Ok three, but that didn't fit with the title.

My absolute favourite is COLAB

It can be quite expensive (depending on your definition, of course) at £3.49 for the sheer and invisible version or £4.49 for the extreme volume version but I always stock up when Superdrug have it on half price. I enjoy both, but the extreme volume just edges as my favourite.

Tied for being the worst dry shampoo are herbal essences and Superdrug own brand.

Now these are bad for two different reasons. Ironically, for the very reasons that I thought they would be great. Allow me:

Herbal Essences. The Volume
Made my hair feel like it was stuck with cement. Think a bit less exotic beach, loose and sexy and slightly more Blackpool on a wet Saturday in off season, after being dragged through a hedge backwards. Or lego hair.

Of course, the fact that the spray nozzle broke and I had to replace it with a different spray top from another finished product, didn't help positively influence my experience either!

Superdrug. The Colour
Sometimes dry shampoo can be the enemy of brunette hair. The very thing that makes it great (the fact that the powder sits there and absorbs the grease like tiny little sponges, or my thighs at Krispy Kreme) is the very thing that can make it such a pain in the backside if you have dark hair. Spray too much and you end up looking like you've spraypainted an attractive line of grey down your center part. Enter potential superhero Superdrug insert product name here.

To be fair, it wasn't expensive - around £1, from memory - so perhaps it's a bit mean to slate it. However, there's no sense having it if it's not half decent. It half did it's job, in that my hair didn't look horrendous - and I definitely didn't have that granny-grey tinge - BUT whenever I put my hands up to my head, my fingers were left with brown residue. How attractive! I don't know, maybe I sprayed too much but I didn't do anything different to how I would normally use dry shampoo.

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